Work-life balance! Baguilat goes visits France, Geneva


Ifugao Representative Teddy Baguilat Jr. managed to squeeze in some me time on the sidelines of a global conference he attended in Europe.

On Saturday, June 23, the politiko said he went to the border of France to see Annecy and then went back to Geneva, Switzerland for some much-needed break.

“After our day-long global meeting to discuss another upcoming global conference, I decided to refresh my overloaded brain with what I like most – travel,” said Baguilat.

“Venice of the Alps with its pristine canals; old houses, fort and castle, cobbled roads, historic church, its mesmerizing blue lake and lots of shopping (but limited in my case cuz of peso-weak purchasing power),” he added.

Baguilat said he spent half the day in France then went back to Geneva to watch the football world cup.

“Half-day in France then back to Geneva to see how the Swiss celebrate or grieve their soccer team having a World Cup game in the evening. Oh and to meet some Cordilleran OFWs, new friends contacted through Facebook,” he said.

Now that’s work-life balance!

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