‘Wag judgmental! Councilor Fariñas shares views on how to deal with teen moms

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Vigan City Councilor Janina Medina-Fariñas believes the public should not be too quick to judge young mothers.

On Wednesday, November 24, the politiko said instead of imposing judgement on teenage mothers, the better question for adults to ask is how can reproductive health education be improved so young Filipinos would be able to make responsible choices.

“When dealing with teenage pregnancies, we can often be quick to judge young parents and their life choices; but what needs to be asked is where did we as adults go wrong in offering them RH education, guidance and improving their quality of life?” said Fariñas.

She then committed to “empowering young women and young mothers by ensuring they have the help, support and understanding that they need in life.”

Fariñas is a board member of The Forum for Family Planning and Development.

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