Vini Ortega pens sweetest birthday letter for Gov Ortega


La Union Governor Emmanuel “Pacoy” Ortega III must have been over the moon after reading the birthday letter written for him by his wife, former ABONO congresswoman Vini Ortega.

In her letter addressed to her politiko husband on March 26, Vini Ortega recalled all the cute moments the governor spent with his family – from playing Barbie dolls with their children to ensuring his wife’s fuel tank is always full.

Vini Ortega then shared how the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking a toll on her husband.

“Until recently, before going to work, he just hugged me and started crying… i just let him be. No need to ask because i know why. For two weeks now, he’s been going around the province everyday to check on the status of our constituents and our frontliners. He was overwhelmed by the Spirit of Compassion. He felt the sacrifices and heroism of everyone,” Vini Ortega said.

She then said she completely understands the sacrifices Pacoy Ortega needs to make for the sake of La Union.

“Now on your birthday, you still opted to go out and boost the morale of our ‘kaprobinsiaans’. I totally understand and i support you, my Luvvy. We signed up for this, we have a job to do and a province to take care of,” Vini Ortega said.

“You are not the father of four beautiful daughters anymore, but the father of La Union. I may not have you totally for myself, but i know when you come home, you are mine,” she added.

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Posted by Vini Nola A. Ortega on Thursday, 26 March 2020

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