Tuloy ang tulo! Baguio water agency assures enough supply during hot months

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Despite the hot weather, there will be enough water for locals and tourists in Baguio City, the country’s summer capital.

Baguio Water District general manager Salvador Royeca said the city is “not really much affected” by the El Niño because of added water sources completed in 2018.

“I would like to assure that we will not experience what the residents in Metro Manila experienced, lining up on fire trucks waiting for water. We are very confident that our supply will last up to the end of the summer season and even with the El Niño,” Royeca said.

The BWD said it has an average daily water production of 65,000 cubic meters, more than the city’s average daily demand of 50,000 cubic meters.

During the dry (summer) season, BWD produces an average of 47,000 cubic meters due to the influx of tourists.

In past years, Royeca said the BWD has been implementing projects to improve its production and storage capabilities.

He cited the Santo Tomas rain basin, which was rehabilitated in 2018, can store 600,000 to 700,000 cubic meters of water.

An additional 4,000 cubic meters is now available from the water resources at Tam-Awan, Camp 8, Tip Top, and South Drive, Royeca said.

He said while water distribution is being scheduled in some parts of the city, water is actually available to the households daily.

BWD also said it is continuously exploring ways to improve its facilities to further boost the water supply and protect available resources from being depleted.

But Royeca said they have also started implementing water saving measures through infrastructure improvements.

Distribution lines were replaced with bigger pipes to address systems loss and leakages, he said.

Also, he said that in the first three to four months this year, the BWD has been decreasing the water pressure during the off-peak hours, as a water saving measure.

In the meantime, he urged the public to continue harvesting rainwater, not just for the dry season but as a practice to save on resources.

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