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Try harder, haters: Sandro Marcos debunks fake red onions quote

Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative Sandro Marcos fact-checked a dubious quote card claiming he said another controversial statement about the ongoing agricultural crisis.

On Saturday, November 26, the North Luzon politiko debunked a supposed SMNI quote card about him commenting on the red onion shortage in the country.

Marcos supposedly said: “Why the big fuss about the prices of red onion? Common sense dictates that you use white onions when red onions are expensive and alternatively, you should use red onions when white onions are expensive. Simple problems need simple solutions.”

Former Ifugao representative Teddy Baguilat Jr. was even led to believe about the fake post, which Marcos took a screenshot of and debunked on Instagram.

“More fake news, never said this or gave any interview,” said Marcos.

And to his haters, the presidential son said: “Try harder guys.”

Marcos earlier drew flak for saying farmers should just switch to planting dragon fruit at certain periods of the year so they can triple or quadruple their earnings.