Tonypet Albano on loan for farmers: I hope they don’t use these for ‘frivolity, useless expenditures’


Isabela Congressman Antonio “Tonypet” Albano is hoping farmers who would avail of the loan offered by the provincial government would put it to good use.

The politiko said this in a post he made on Facebook about the launch of the Expanded Survival Recovery Aide program in Isabela, where farmers can now avail of a P15,000 loan with eight years to pay and zero interest.

“I pray and hope that the farmers will use these funds for productive use, and not use these funds towards frivolity and useless expenditures. Let us teach them to become productive,” said Albano.

“We in Congress, together with Cong Sheena Tan and all our Isabela Congressmen, aim to fund more of these types of projects, so that our farmers will be surely be given the necessary support to cope up with hard times and globalization,” he added.

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