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Tawa pa more! Gov Manotoc tries laughter yoga

Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc is always game to try new things with the provincial capitol staff, especially if that means helping them de-stress.

On Thursday, September 22, the North Luzon politiko posted a video of him readily joining the laughter yoga exercise conducted by Dr. Dixon Yasay for the Ilocos Norte capitol staff.

In the video captured by his beauty queen girlfriend Jamie Herrell, Manotoc can be seen doing the required movements as he chanted along with his staff, who were all wearing the Marcos clan’s signature color red.

“@jamieherrell’s POV during our ELA. Only Doc Dixon Yasay could’ve brought out this type of ‘childlike playfulness’ in his wise words. #LaughterYoga @segarahotels,” said Manotoc.

Laughter yoga is a type of movement and breathing exercise designed to promote intentional laughter.