Tanders na raw kasi! Imee Marcos thrilled to see Bagong Lipunan coin

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Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos will get excited for anything related to her father, ex-President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

The Ilocano politiko was able to see the 1975 Ferdinand Marcos Bagong Lipunan P5 coin when she recently visited Camiguin.

Marcos posted on Instagram a picture of her holding the coin.

“Look what I found in Camiguin! The 1975 Ferdinand Marcos Bagong Lipunan five-peso coin. Naalala mo ito? Naku ibig sabihin niyan napapaghalata na oldies ka na! Hihi #Throwback,” said Marcos.

Tanders na talaga si Manang Imee!

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