Talkshow host na rin! Bongbong Marcos interview with Juan Ponce Enrile set to premiere


An interview by former senator Bongbong Marcos with former Senate president Juan Ponce Enrile is set to premiere soon.

The Ilocos Norte politiko on September 14 posted a teaser of his one-on-one interview with Enrile.

In the teaser, Enrile said history “was totally distorted.”

“So with that span of time, I remember President Aguinaldo all the way to President Duterte. I’ve seen history from the time of the Americans all the way to now. History was totally distorted to favor one group,” he said.

“Little by little the truth will come out,” Enrile added.

Marcos explained that the interview is meant to do just that.

“And it is unfortunately continuing which is why exercises such as this are important,” he said.

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