Singsons launch Grace Care Educational TV for distance learning in Narvacan


Narvacan Mayor Luis “Chavit” Singson and his daughter, Gracia Telecoms CEO Charissa Singson, launched an educational television platform to help students in the municipality in distance learning.

A live demonstration for Grace Care Educational TV was conducted on Friday, June 26, according to a Facebook post by the Narvacan politiko.

According to Singson, Gracia Care uses a “cutting edge” provincial distancing learning infrastructure to allow students living even in remote barangays in Narvacan and Ilocos to watch recorded lessons through satellite TV.

“The service is free to students, as it can be carried by all cabletv operators and broadcasted over free to air TV and to ordinary transistor radio,” Singson said.

The Department of Education decided to adopt a distance learning approach in the upcoming school year because the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

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