Sandra Eriguel: Murder of husband is ‘politically motivated’

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La Union 2nd District Representative Sandra Eriguel, during a privilige speech on May 28, called the murder of her husband, former La Union politiko Eufranio “Franny” Eriguel, as “politically motivated.”

The La Union politiko also blamed Philippine National Police (PNP) Region 1 Director Chief Superintendent Romulo Sapitula for her husband’s death.

Sapitula ordered the pull out the Eriguels’ police escorts days before Eufranio’s death.

He was killed by unidentified men during a miting de avance in Agoo before the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections.

“Congressman Franny’s murder is politically motivated. There is no other angle but politics,” the La Union lawmaker said.

Eriguel said her husband asked former La Union police provincial director Senior Superintendent Genera Sapiera to retain their escorts.

But Sapiera supposedly said he had to follow Sapitula’s orders.

She also said former Agoo police chief Alfredo Padilla Jr also did not accede to their request for security assistance during the miting de avance.

“Mister Speaker, let me state that I firmly believe that if it were not for the orders of regional director Sapitula to pull out our police security detail and the ineptness of former Agoo chief of police Padilla for failing to act on the letter of Barangay Capas for security assistance, the shooting incident may have been prevented and that my husband could have been alive today,” she said.

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