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Sagada lifts COVID protocols, fees for tourists

The local government of Sagada has lifted all requirements for tourists implemented during its reopening after the lockdowns.

“We have suspended the requirement so that the tourists will not have an additional expense to think of,” Sagada Mayor Felicito Dula said in a press conference on Tuesday, August 9.

The Politiko said that the registration and requirement of test results including the proof of full vaccination are no longer asked from visitors going to Sagada.

The payment of the management fee has also been suspended by the local legislative council to entice tourists to visit Sagada.

The town, which is highly dependent on tourism with most of the residents directly or indirectly engaged in the industry.

“Almost two years in the pandemic before we opened, we were financially hard-up,” the mayor said. “The inns and hotels had no income because there were no guests, the tour guides had nobody to bring around, the restaurants, eateries, the village stores, market, and even shops had no sales without the tourists buying and with only the residents who also did not have spare cash to spend.”