Sadanga: Only severe COVID19 cases need to isolate


The Municipal Inter-Agency Task Force (MIATF) of Sadanga said only patients with a severe case of the coronavirus disease (COVID19) need to go under isolation.

This after the MIATF released its recalibrated Community Response to COVID19.

“Only those tested positive and in ‘severe case’ situations are to be isolated at home and to be given ‘focused’ attention/intervention by the health personnels in addition to their family care giving,” it stated.

“These patients must be provided with free vitamin C, medications on the other symptoms of co-morbidities,” the MIATF added.

The MIATF also said isolating at home is better than going to the hospital.

“Home care is best [sic] than going to hospitals where you cannot be given much attention to just the same,” it said.

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