Sadanga ignores science, declares COVID19 ‘just new form of cold’


The municipality government of Sadanga on February 13 has declared that it will ignore science and defy prescribed coronavirus disease (COVID19) protocols.

In a statement, the Municipal Inter-Agency Task Force (MIATF) of Sadanga said COVID19 is “just a new form of colds (sic).”

“Enough of the exaggerated fear and scare and set aside those exaggerated and restrictive responses. It’s just a new form of colds challenging us to strengthen/boost our immune system,” the statement said.

The MIATF added that only a strong immune system is needed to beat COVID19.

“You need medicines to beat and survive against malaria, dengue, typhoid fever and other illness but there is no medicine needed to fight against COVID19 after all,” it stated.

“Just boost your immune system and that’s it!” it added.

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