This is why Rudy Fariñas is an amazing dad


Ilocos Norte 1st District Board Member Ria Fariñas paid tribute to her father, Majority Leader Rodolfo “Rudy” Fariñas, as the nation celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18.

Ria posted a picture of the Fariñas kids with their father and wrote a tearful dedication for the family patriarch. She then listed down the reasons why Rudy is an “amazing” dad.

“Because you make everything perfect for us, your kids. Thank you for your selfless and unconditional love. Thank you for your wisdom. For always being the voice of reason. For your unlimited guidance and never ending patience. For teaching us to always be grateful and for showing us that life is beautiful, no matter what,” said Ria.

She then said she’ll pass these on to her own daughter Natalia.
Ganyan pala ang alagang Fariñas!

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