Rudy Albano’s remains back home in Isabela


The remains of the late LPG Marketers’ Association Congressman Rodolfo “Rudy” Albano Jr. is back in his home province of Isabela.

The politiko’s son, Isabela Congressman Antonio “Tonypet” Albano, posted about the arrival of his father’s remains in Ilagan town on Tuesday, November 12.

“I love you so very much, always yours forever, my Daddy Rudy!” said Tonypet Albano.

The family patriarch died due to heart failure on Tuesday, November 5. He was 85 years old.[0]=68.ARD8esin5pTbbaF5mbklIjbGad2DhyuGc3BacSvjEYtRxKcTvmjOrdDKW4MKRQx2JJTFm4Mi2gcLh4dRdN0n_SvBiaqpK24pjJ5RkzgnmWz30kxpHKWa0pNZqceJlzdvE2JRqCyl_PF0UwuWc_hWIygRM7QwxpU-JHuIH_IhEeXRaYnvbkYBLwKanrVwTuLr9rDD9wXqmmW_O96LvIp_2gt20RJjZOoH_3yu_-dTSGbaO2xxrqhugzmLPAYs7jYCrbMI0A&__tn__=-R

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