Roque: Duterte will resign if BBM wins electoral protest

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President Rodrigo Duterte will supposedly resign if former senator Bongbong Marcos wins his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on August 16 said this was supposedly what Duterte was thinking in his earlier statement that he was ready to resign if the Ilocos Norte politiko or Senator Chiz Escudero will succeed him.

“He thinks Senator Bongbong Marcos is one of the better qualified persons to succeed. If there are developments and he wins the protest and he becomes vice president, yes, he will make true his word,” Roque said.

“If he wins the protest and he’s declared as vice president, he’s willing to step down,” he added.

But Roque said he’s not sure if Duterte really wants Marcos to win the electoral protest.

“That I do not know. That’s a different question,” he said.

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