Ria Fariñas: A healthy lifestyle helped me recover fast from 2014 road accident

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Ilocos Norte Congresswoman Ria Fariñas can personally attest to the truth behind the adage, “health is wealth.”

On World Diabetes Day on Thursday, November 14, the politiko recalled how her healthy lifestyle helped her recover after a road accident in 2014.

“I can’t stress it enough & I speak from experience when I say: HEALTH IS WEALTH! When I was ran over by an SUV in 2014, doctors were amazed at how fast I was recovering because I was living a healthy lifestyle!” said Fariñas.

“I suffered several broken bones that required multiple surgeries but I was back to running 5K 2 months after my accident. It’s never too late to change old habits and live a better quality of life!” she added.

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