Pro-environment dapat! Baguilat gives checklist for ideal senatorial bet

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Former Ifugao congressman Teddy Baguilat Jr. urged Filipinos to pick senatorial bets who are pro-environment.

The politiko seeking a Senate seat in the May elections provided his checklist for the ideal senatoriable in a Facebook post on Thursday, January 6.

In Baguilat’s list, a senatorial candidate must:
1. Have done something already to help address climate change
2. A champion for organic farming
3. Defends the welfare of our forests
4. Opposed to open-pit mining

“Tumitindi na ang effects ng climate change – severe storms, flooding, landslides, prolonged dry spells, we need to think of the upcoming elections as an election for our planet. Support pro-environment candidates. #KatutubongKapaTedSaSenado,” said Baguilat.

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