Plantita Councilor Fariñas can now grow her own bouquets

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Vigan City Councilor Janina Medina-Fariñas will no longer be asking for flowers from her husband, Barangay 17 San Jacinto, Laoag City Captain Rey Carlos Fariñas.

That’s because the lady politiko can now grow her own bouquet – all thanks to her urban garden that her husband has been helping her cultivate.

On Tuesday, June 8, Fariñas said it was Carlos who actually predicted why he won’t be giving him bouquets anymore.

“When we decided to build the greenhouse around Valentine’s Day, @cush101 joked he didn’t need to buy me bouquets anymore cause now I could grow my own,” said Fariñas.

She then posed a photo with the first batch of lettuce she and her husband were able to harvest.

“@cush101, mission accomplished!” said Fariñas.

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