Pero tutulong pa rin! Tonypet Albano: Rescuers are not Supermen


Isabela Congressman Antonio “Tonypet” Albano is devastated by the massive flooding in his province.

As the politiko joined the rescue and rehabilitation efforts on Friday, December 6, Albano askedfor patience among those displaced by the flood as rescuers are having hard time reaching them.

“We ask our poor displaced people to please be patient as we are not Supermen to be able to help you right away. But I know that all our national and local government man power is now in full force to be able to give you the needed assistance,” Albano said.

“Please continue to pray that we don’t loose our lives and also for the people to be safe, sheltered, and secure! God bless Isabela and Cagayan Valley,” he added.

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