Para sa mga chikiting! Toff de Venecia seeks more funds for daycare centers

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Pangasinan Fourth District Representative Christopher “Toff” de Venecia is calling for more government funds to go to daycare centers.

The politiko raised the issue during the budget hearing of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) in the House of Representatives on August 23.

“I just wanted to bring to the attention of PAGCOR the state of our daycare centers at the moment. Yes, it is funded by the DSWD, however, the bulk of resources allocated to that department goes to social protection programs like the 4Ps,” said De Venecia.

“And there is very little that is allocated of the daycare centers, in which case the priority is the construction of the facilities and not necessarily the computers, instructional materials, basic chairs and tables, and learning paraphernalia for the students,” he added.[0]=68.ARDK9r06O8-j2CHRkhKjdLxHQ72SQdJpUtNNAJ5lasQ8N4jGFA_m7Wcll2TUH7FTYyvRJ9b4zV2hiaCQ8lf5RyQD-MkXiYSAVDgKlWUUgICayd4hcHrO6tPtEq3zIRJazvXL-hfWQ9WGaI72nJLhvLBcq3KnVLi2_-B3QsWDBUsT5AMlKNj2bmZNf-pzZ33wB48w8Bm2SnSqK9JzGd27Y2TZPYgEVnwBxQXPSbpWkVzM5LRtnhusow1-1kG4u3SMw_hv08tPrSIw1xbWTt6ez-3b5FLnyNxhZJF6qDUAOuSlmzybtUoH8ozNSq5UOThycBFvsX_4GAozSPm-rdwLtneUflSCSLTgBIts1w&__tn__=-R

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