Para ‘di na overworked: Imee Marcos pushes for medical reserve corps

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Senator Imee Marcos wants the government to create a medical reserve corps to ensure frontliners would not be overworked should another pandemic hit the country.

“Let’s not wait for future epidemics and pandemics to push our highly stressed medical frontliners to their human limits. Their safety is our safety too,” Marcos said in a Facebook post on Monday, June 29.

The Ilocano politiko authored Senate Bill Number 1592, which would establish a medical reserve corps composed of volunteer healthcare providers whom the government can train and tap in times of health emergencies.

Medical frontliners have been pushed to the brink since COVID-19 infected thousands in the country. As of Monday, over 36,000 people already acquired COVID-19 in the Philippines with 1,255 deaths and 9,956 recoveries.

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