Pangasinan’s bangus supply remains stable amid COVID19 pandemic


Provincial Agriculturist Dalisay Moya said Pangasinan’s bangus supply is stable amid the amid the coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic.

Moya said the efforts of the provincial government to distribute bangus fingerlings even before the pandemic will ensure that fishermen will have enough bangus to catch in the coming months.

“Even before, the provincial government headed by Governor Amado Espino III continuously dispersed fingerlings into the rivers all over the province so that the fishermen will have something to catch,” she said.

“Aside from bangus, we have other inland fish products that are grown in fishponds,” Moya added.

She also said the provincial government is urging residents to start backyard gardening.

“We even conducted training on urban gardening for households in urban areas that have no or little space for gardening, so we taught them container gardening,” she said.

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