Pangasinan mulls ‘no fly zone’ to shoo away pesky, low-flying trainers

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The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) is panning to impose a “no fly zone” within the capitol area here during special events and flag-raising ceremonies.

An ad hoc committee, headed by Fifth District Board Member Clemente Arboleda Jr., himself a licensed pilot, is seeking to craft a resolution that would impose a “no fly zone” within the capitol area during specific events and every Monday’s flag-raising ceremony.

SP Board Member Jeremy Agerico Rosario proposed the measure today, Monday, noting that during the 73rd Lingayen Gulf Landing anniversary last January 9, some low-lying planes were seen flying above the event site.

These were trainer planes piloted by students along with their trainors and had either taken off from the adjacent Lingayen Airport or were touching down.

Arboleda said based on his own knowledge, only the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) could declare a “no fly zone” anywhere in the Philippines, such as during the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit when CAAP declared EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos) Avenue and Roxas Boulevard in Metro Manila as “no fly zones”.

Rosario said that during the Lingayen Gulf Landing anniversary, low-flying planes owned by a private flying school hovered around even when honor guards from the Philippine Army were firing the 21-gun salute.

It would be for the safety of the people attending events organized by the provincial government as well as of officials and employees attending the Monday flag-raising ceremony if a “no fly zone” is declared in the area around the capitol, he said.

Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Calimlim, SP presiding officer, agreed with Rosario, saying that since those in trainer planes were student pilots, these low-flying planes pose risk to people attending events of the provincial government.

Arboleda said the ad hoc committee would invite resource speakers from the CAAP even officials from a private flying school to guide its members in crafting a resolution declaring a “no fly zone” around the capitol.

He said if the CAAP was the sole agency of the government that can declare a “no fly zone”, then the resolution would be addressed to CAAP.

The Lingayen Airport is only less than a kilometer away from the provincial capitol ground. (PNA)

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