Gov Baac lauds Vice Gov Edduba for good performance as acting Kalingan chief exec

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Kalinga Governor Jocel Baac lauded Vice Governor James Edduba for “successfully” assuming the role of acting governor during his 6-month-long suspension.

The Kalinga politiko said Edduba performed well as acting governor.

“I am happy that when I turned over the reins of government 6 months ago to Vice Gov. James Edduba who served temporarily as governor, through your cooperation, he has successfully discharged the duties and responsibilities of the office,” Baac said.

The Kalinga provincial government was given with its fifth Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Award last month.

Baac, in response to criticisim on social media, said the award was based on merit.

“Some people call this award a sham or counterfeit or pretend, but truth and justice prevailed and the government cannot pretend because they based their observations and conclusion on hard facts or evidence,” Baac said.

“We did not seek this merit. We just performed well in the natural course of business with our concerted effort. We serve the interest of our people,” he added.

Baac also commended government workers for their cooperation in helping give Kalinga its fifth straight SGLG award.

“We have a lot of work to do and let us do it together. With us all moving forward, we will achieve greater things and recognition like the SGLG, increase in our development funds from PRDP WB, CMGP/Kalsada programs,” he said.

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