Napuno na! Gov Manotoc ‘very disappointed’ with Duterte ban on face-to-face classes


Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc could not hide his disappointment after President Rodrigo Duterte once again rejected allowing schools to hold face-to-face classes during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ilocano politiko, whose family is allied with Duterte, issued a rare criticism of the President’s policies in a Facebook post on Monday, February 22.

Manotoc said a localized approach to the issue would have been better.

“I don’t like to criticize but I’m very disappointed about the continued blanket ban on face to face classes. It doesn’t properly consider the provinces with little to no COVID-19 cases. We should adopt a localized and not nationwide approach,” said the governor.

“Apparently, we are the last country in the region to resume face to face classes. I’m sorry but our kids deserve better than this,” added Manotoc.

Duterte decided to still not allow face-to-face classes to resume until COVID-19 vaccines are available in the Philippines.

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