Nage-expand na! Chavit Singson’s Gracia Telecom launches automated payment machines


Gracia Telecom, the telecommunications company owned by Narvacan Mayor Luis “Chavit” Singson, just launched its own automated payment machines.

The politiko himself was present during the launching ceremony at his own municipality on Tuesday, August 25.

Singson said Gracia customers can avail of their own Visa debit cards through the automated payment machines.

“Gracia Telecom Automated Payment Machine is now in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur!” Singson said.

“You can pay your bills, credit card, loans and other bills using this kiosk. Not only the bill payments but you can also load your Gcash, eloads and other services using this Kiosk,” he added.

Gracia Telecom earlier built the Gracia Care Educational TV to serve as a cheaper distance learning infrastructure in Narvacan for the upcoming school yeara.

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