Na-shookt si Mayor! Keon amused by 93-year-old’s ‘secret’ to a long life


Laoag City Mayor Michael Marcos Keon could not help but laugh when he learned the “secret” to 93-year-old Nanay Victoria’s long life.

On Saturday, May 23, the politiko met Nanay Victoria as he distributed relief packs to residents.

“One of the people I came to experience a light moment with was 93-year old Nanay Victoria who proudly shared her secret to happiness and long life,” Keon said in a Facebook post.

In the video, Keon asked Nanay Victoria what’s the key to living a long life like her. She then said, “Victoria’s Secret!” and elicited a huge laughter from Keon and his staff.

“Amid the chaos and fear we are experiencing during this time of pandemic, I guess, sometimes it’s not bad to just have a good laugh and look forward to the brighter side of things,” Keon said.

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