Mountain Province is still drug-free

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Mountain Province is still free of the influence of illegal drugs.

Mountain Province Police Chief Allen Ocden said the province remains drug-free through the cooperation of residents.

“Mountain Province is still and remains to be a drug cleared province as of now,” Ocden said.

“We are able to sustain our status because of the community-based reporting system that we are implementing, where the members of the community provide us with the information which is verified,” he explained.

Ocden also warned those involved in illegal drugs against plying their trade in the Mountain Province.

“Those who insist on peddling drugs in Mountain Province. I warn them, don’t cross my path. If you do so, ask for God’s mercy because I don’t have mercy, when it comes to drugs here in Mountain Province. I hate peddling drugs in Mountain Province,” the home-grown police chief said.

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