Meeting Pinoys ‘highlight’ of Baguilat’s trip to Geneva


Ifugao Representative Teddy Baguilat Jr.’s overseas trips will not be complete without spending time with Filipinos there!

In a Facebook post on Sunday, June 24, the politiko shared some photos he took with Filipinos he met during his recent trip to Geneva.

“Meeting Filipinos overseas is always a highlight and a must-to-do when I travel. I was lucky to meet fellow Cordillerans in Geneva and even luckier to join them in their get-together with outgoing consul Rico Fos (see you in Manila RICO!)” said Baguilat.

He was also the “happiest” guy after he spent his last night in Geneva bonding with Igorots there.

“I hope you understood my explanation of autonomy and federalism and the national situationer. And I hoped you liked my singing of Itetem ta Hunggopak and Sometimes when we touch. Hehe,” said Baguilat.

Sounds like your trip is now complete, Cong. Teddy!

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