Mechanical crane man na! Tonypet Albano is now a ‘trabahoder’ politiko


Isabela First District Representative Antonio “Tonypet” Albano is not yet finished with trying out new jobs.

On Wednesday, August 14, the politiko decided to try out the mechanical crane at the construction site of the Cabagan-Santo Tomas Bride.

“While inspecting the ongoing project Cabagan to Santa Tomas Bridge, I started to learn how to operate the mechanical crane. Heavy machinery operator naman po ang trabaho natin ngayon!” said Albano.

Kidding aside, Albano said he is proud he and his brother, Governor Rodito Albano III, are creating a bride to help improve the mobility in the municipality.
“I call it the bridge of dreams, hope, and love! God bless Isabela!” said Albano.

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