Mayor Salda won’t life cease-and-desist order vs housing developer

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La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda said he will not lift the cease-and-desist order (CDO) against a housing developer.

The La Trinidad municipal government earlier barred CDG Construction and Development Corporation from continuing with a housing project.

Salda said the housing projects poses a safety threat to its possible homeowners and other residents in the area.

He also explained that that the project remains to be under the name of St. Francis-Cordillera Homes and not CDG.

“We do not want to sacrifice the greater interest of the people living in the vicinity of the housing project in Kesbeng,” Salda said.

He explained that many residents were “openly exposed to the dangers posed by the wayward excavation done by the previous developer resulting to landslides and soil erosions in the project site, among other safety issues that cropped up to date,” he added.

But Salda said CDG can begin implementing mitigating measures recommended by government agencies.

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