Mayor Salda urges Isko Moreno to reconsider of Divisoria closure during Santo Niño feast

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La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda called on Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to reopen Divisoria during the celebration of the feast of Santo Niño in Tondo.

Vegetable farmers and traders have earlier appealed to Moreno to reconsider the move.

According to them, several days of Divisoria closure will kill the vegetable industry in Benguet.

Salda said he is hoping to have a dialogue with Moreno on January 15.

“We hope that we will be able to get a positive response from Mayor Moreno himself so that appropriate adjustments could be done with the impending closure of Divisoria so that our farmers and traders will not have to suffer the serious negative impact of the closure of Divisoria for quite some time,” He said.

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