Mayor Salda lauds residents for discovering marijuana plantations in La Trinidad

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La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda lauded the residents who reported the marijuana plantations in Barangay Wangal.

More than P3.5 million worth of marijuana plants were recently destroyed in Sitio Tuva and Sitio Kolong.

Salda called on residents to remain vigilant against the the presence of the illegal plantations.

“We are grateful to the concerned residents who provided our law enforcers on the presence of the marijuana plantation sites in the remote part of the municipality,” he said.

“We really need the vigilance of our people so that we will be able to thwart the attempts of some unscrupulous individuals to pursue their illegal activities in the town which we actually do not condone, because what we want is for our people to live in a peaceful and orderly community,” Salda added.

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