Mayor Salda: Isko Moreno to provide special passes for flower vendors during peak season


La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda lauded Manila Mayor Isko Moreno for providing flower vendors with special passes during holiday and peak seasons.

The La Trinidad politiko and officers of the local cutflower association visited Moreno recently to talk about their concerns about their vending area in Dimasalang.

“We were elated over the warm welcome accorded to us by Mayor Moreno even if he was in a hurry to leave for another important appointment that time,” Salda said.

He also said they support Moreno’s campaign to clear roads and sidewalks from obstructions.

“What is important is that he was able to send a clear message to us that our cutflower vendors have a place to pursue their trade in Dimasalang amidst the uncompromising campaign of the Manila city government to clear its roads and sidewalks from obstructions,” Salda said.

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