Mayor Salda intervenes in hydro power plant conflict


La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda said that miscommunication led to the feud that stopped the operations of the Bineng Hydroelectric Power Plant.

The Benguet politiko recently intervened in the conflict between the management of the Hydroelectric Development Corporation (HEDCOR), Inc., operator of the Bineng Hydroelectric Power Plant, and more than 20 landowners.

The landowners earlier said they will barricade the entrance to the Bineng facility should HEDCOR fail to compensate them for unpaid work.

Some landowners were asked to work on some projects in their lots during the construction of the hydropower plant.

“We are elated we brought the parties together to thresh out the appropriate solutions to the problem on unpaid works. There will always be solutions to problems that is why we intervened right in time to prevent the situation in the area from going out of control,” Salda said.

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