Mayor Salda eyes agreement to sell more Benguet vegetables in Mindanao


La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda said the municipal government is seeking to formalize its partnership with the Mindanao Development Authority (MINDA) to bring local produce to the difference cities and provinces of Mindanao.

The Benguet politiko made the remark following the recent MINDA fruit festival in La Trinidad.

During the MINDA fruit festival, 19 tons of fruits from Mindanao were sold to locals.

He also said Benguet vegetables were bought by Mindanao representatives.

Salda said having a formal agreement will open a new market for La Trinidad’s vegetable produce.

“We hope to formalize an agreement with MINDA officials for the continuous exchange of our vegetables and the fruits from Mindanao so that we can provide our people with much cheaper prices of our respective produce,” he said.

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