Mayor Sal-ongan eyes streetlights at Poyopoy area


Tuba Mayor Clarita Sal-ongan said the municipal government is planning to install streetlights at the Poyopoy area along Marcos Highway.

The Benguet politiko said that the move aims to deter the dumping of garbage and dead bodies at the Poyopoy area.

Sal-ongan said the municipal government will allot funds for the electricity bill of the streetlights.

The Poyopoy areas has gained notoriety as a dumping ground of victims of summary executions.

“We will try to use our limited funds just to have the area lighted and fenced to prevent a repeat of similar incidents in the future,” Sal-ongan said.

“It is unfortunate that the dumping of cadavers and skeletal remains happened in our area of jurisdiction that tainted the good image of our municipality,” she added.

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