Mayor Magalong urges Baguio to ‘yield’ to medical frontliners

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Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong called on residents to “yield” to medical frontliners.

The Baguio politiko said “small gestures” will let medical frontliners know they are appreciated.

“So why not do them a little favor. When you see them around the city market, groceries, pharmacies and other places, yield,” Magalong said.

“Let them grab that bottled water first, let them choose the freshest meat, let them be the first on the cashier’s lane, let them have the first slot on that jeepney and most importantly, smile or nod at them,” he added.

Magalong said medical frontliners are “silent heroes.

“Small gestures but enough to convey our appreciation, our respect, our love,” he said

“It’s the least we can do for them, our silent heroes,” Magalong added.

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