Mayor Magalong on his 1st 100 days: ‘We will remain unfazed and unafraid’


Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong is dead set to improve the city despite challenges in his way.

The former Criminal Investigation and Detection Group chief turned politiko cited the gains in his administration’s first 100 days on Monday, October 21.

“All through every defining moment of the last 113 days, we faced challenges made more huge and intimidating by the day. It is clear that making Baguio better does not happen overnight, certainly not in a matter of days and weeks and months,” said Magalong.

“But for as long as the purpose remains single-minded, we will remain unfazed and unafraid. In unity and cooperation with one another, we must continue doing our work the only way it should be done: the right way every single step of the way,” he added.[0]=68.ARDVTVJyccoFP_o3ck8p6bZZr5hD653-8irTcooCacgDmeG53H_AEO3KR4SRDPaoW0MUx6aZhpkmkQZINcWgQIdpOzQsoytNFqzBFl8OM5ByFbnwptsI0m3u51QwX9cV3Eu7f7zzKdAF3Qzu9NX7BpwEnvRJzdis6BGI2NBD_yZihP9Zxi7NJUVuB2DtJamiO3zBdavZMUvnLSALYNQAtJpR1YgvCsDV87j29YChE0F4N8Q2NuvDpQmC-UHZ7iFLW-sjz9lRTgJu3HndTaSK-zk3HEAz4aNzDzqM9bgRKiEMSrd4TLP-OWbJ3bU8iHT8qHpiADPDvV8HtRG11OkTbdNgPhaSEuWtlqNUp31nJeknNXEwuAf_pUzN2da_8GdL79OXt3dQdL1pPXyLAk5z_V0Pew4oFZjpUSAultxnPZYHXFyK5cUlKS0LGWLmP_8_DxXI0g72zqVg8Hs6jGj54WY4Vd3ohtrKIO8-c3lKiomn2D9PgRXIQjs8SRnM&__tn__=-R

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