Mayor Magalong: Most COVID19 patients discovered via targeted testing had no symptoms


Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the city government’s enhanced testing and contact tracing efforts have helped contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID19) in the Summer Capital.

The Baguio politiko explained that most of the patients discovered via targeted testing were asymptomatic or didn’t exhibit any symptoms.

Magalong said that the patients would have infected many other residents if they were not tested.

“Just imagine if we did not subject them to tests and they continue to go about their lives and their jobs unknowingly spreading the virus in their homes, workplaces and places they visit with their contacts who are also infected doing the same,” he said.

“We have to move on and learn to live with the virus but we can only do so if we strictly observe all health protocols of properly wearing our masks and shields at all times, washing hands, observing cough and sneeze etiquettes, physical distancing and avoiding crowds, enclosed areas and close conversations, among others,” he added.

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