Mayor Magalong: Albayalde is lying


Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong on October 9 said Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Oscar Albayalde keeps on lying about his involvement in the 2013 irregular buybust operation in Pampanga.

The Baguio politiko made the remark during the Senate hearing on “ninja” cops.

During the hearing on October 9, retired police general Rudy Lacadin said Albayalde told him that he “got a little” from the anomalous anti-drug operation.

Lacadin said he did not know if Albayalde was joking then.

Albayalde said there’s a conspiracy against him.

But Magalong said Albayalde is not telling the truth.

“Again he is denying it. Someone here is lying. It is not General Lacadin. It is not me, the other police officers. Someone else. Siya po,” Magalong said.

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