Mayor Keon to birthday girl Imee Marcos: ‘You have been an inspiration to the Ilocano’


Laoag City Mayor Michael Marcos Keon heaped on praises on his cousin, Senator Imee Marcos, as the latter celebrated her birthday on Thursday, November 12.

In a Facebook video, the politiko said Marcos has been an inspiration to Ilocanos and the rest of the country.

Keon believes Marcos, who was a longtime provincial governor in Ilocos Norte before becoming senator, is destined for greater things in politics.

“The destiny of the Marcos family and the destiny of the Philippine republic have been intertwined for many years, and I believe this will continue to be the case. And I believe that you, Imee, as a senator of the republic, will play a vital and prominent role in the future of our country,” Keon said.

“Imee, you have been an inspiration to the Ilcano and you have been an inspiration to the Filipino people. May you continue to be an inspiration to everyone. So to you, I wish you all the best. Happy ‘forever young’ birthday, Imee!” he added.

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