Mayor Geslani urges hog raisers, traders to help contain ASF in Malasiqui

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Malasiqui Mayor Noel Anthony Geslani called on hog raisers and traders to cooperate with the government’s drive to contain the spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF) in the town.

The Pangasinan politiko recently declared a state of calamity in Malasiqui due to ASF.

Some hog raisers complained about the culling operation conducted by the government.

More than 600 pigs from Barangay Apaya and Barangay Polong Norte were culled since last January.

“We have responsibility in order to not spread the virus further as this has long term effect to everybody,” Geslani said.

“Although, it is our human nature to feel emotional over this matter, we cannot do otherwise but to honor the protocol,” he added.

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