Mayor Ganggangan: Young CPA members ‘unwittingly used as mouthpiece’ of CPP


Sadanga Mayor Gabino Ganggangan said the young members of the Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA) have been “unwittingly used as mouthpieces” of the Communist Party of the Philippine (CPP).

The Mountain Province politiko made the remark in a Facebook post slamming the CPA for claiming to be part of Cordillera’s quest for autonomy.

“Aside from claiming to be the defender of our ancestral land, the CPA in its usual self-advertisement ventures to sell themselves abroad for their fund sourcing and solicitations keeps on claiming to have been fighting for our self-determination. Is this really true?” Ganggangan asked.

He said he hoped CPA members who have read his recent posts have realized the CPP’s true colors.

“I just hope that after reading all my posts, they now realize that they had been victims of the twisting by their CPP friends of the true story of the peoples struggle during the Marcos time,” Ganggangan said.

“These young and enthusiastic employees or staff of CPA and its affiliate legal organizations should now realize that they had unwittingly been used as the mouthpiece of the CPP members trying to hide in their legal organizations,” he added.

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