Mayor Ganggangan to NCIP-CAR: ‘Butt in’ Botbot-Betwagan tribal conflict

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Sadanga Mayor Gabino Ganggangan called on the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples-Cordillera (NCIP-CAR) to step in the almost two-decades-long tribal conflict between the Bugnay of the Botbot and the Betwagan.

The two parties have been in conflict since 2001 over issues on tribal boundaries.

Ganggangan said the conflict has “already resulted to loss of lives and disruption of their social and economic lives.”

“The Municipal Government level to the Provincial Government level of mediations and interventions to try to get the two barangays solve the boundary issue resulted to a stalemate and is now on a deadlock so the tribal war tension remains,” he said.

“On this Indigenous Peoples (IP) month of October, may I request the NCIP-CAR together with their provincial offices to please butt in and facilitate to get the two tribes together and apply our indigenous way of finding out the truth between the two conflicting claims,” Ganggangan added.

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