Mayor Ganggangan refuses food packs so more needy towns can have them


Sadanga Mayor Gabino Ganggangan had decided not to avail of food packs from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for his town.

The Mountain Province politiko explained that the food packs meant for Sadanga can be turned over to more needy areas.

“I decided and instructed our MSWDO to relay our message that our municipality will not be availing of these food packs even if the lockdown will be extended,” Ganggangan said.

He also said Sadanga residents can still take care of themeselves.

“It’s not that we don’t have poor and needy families but I believe that we as tribal communities still have and should sustain our ‘built in’ and homegrown or indigenous social structure, values, and practice of taking care of our respective relatives or kins, neighbors, or kailyan in distress during hard times or economic crisis,” he added.

“It is during these kinds of economic hardships such as ‘food shortages,’ hunger and famine that the ‘richer or better of’ ( kadangyans) among a clan or village are expected to aid their needy relatives by lending their surpluses,” Ganggangan added.

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