Mayor Fernandez: Dagupan puts ‘best interest’ of children first

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Dagupan City Mayor Belen Fernandez said the city government always puts “the best interest of our children in mind.”

The Dagupan politiko made the remark during the induction of officers of the Dagupan City Club of Southern California.

“We score victories for a community that celebrates every step on what we endeavored to achieve for our children,” Fernandez said.

She explained that every step that the city government takes is in pursuit of the best future for children.

“When we achieve these victories — no matter how small — we know this translates into something good, or even better, for every child in our city,” Fernandez said.

“And this is particularly elating because winning victories for our children involves the entire community. Dagupan is a city in conversation, and when it comes to matters involving children, the best ideas and the brightest solutions are always found because everyone comes to the table and freely volunteers to be part of this great, noble enterprise,” she added.

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