Mayor Fermin: Modern technology poses ‘big challenge’ to preservation of indigenous culture


Kapangan Mayor Manny Fermin said preserving indigenous practices is a “big challenge” because of modern technology.

The Benguet politiko made the remark during the town’s celebration of Indigenous Peoples Month.

“There is a big challenge now because of modern technology,” Fermin said.

“We see our youth preoccupied with gadgets like cell phones and the internet that is why I recommend most especially in the family and in schools to talk about and practice our customs and traditions,” he added.

Fermin said the celebration is the government’s way of preserving and promoting their indigenous culture.

“In this kind of event, we show to the world that we are proud of what we are, inheriting the good indigenous practices that should be carried on from generation to generation, and inculcating our practices especially to the young generations of today,” he said.

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